Monday, February 25, 2013

Anonymous spams

I keep getting anonymous spam messages camouflaged as comments, since all comments have be approved by me you would never see those. this started happening after I approved one anonymous comment that was complimenting one of my posts.
So just for the record, I will not anymore now, or in the future approve any anonymous comments, anything anonymous will be reported as spam. Go sell your tobacco products, genital warts remedies.... whatever.....somewhere else! you really think I would click on any of your links? Go Away
If you have to really say something relevant to a post, it shouldn't be a issue to show your identity....otherwise go leave your comments somewhere else!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

New Adventures

I have been busy with so many other things I haven’t had time or felt like writing on this blog of mine. I am amazed by all these bloggers that manage to write on their blogs daily and do all the things they are writing about……where do they find the time? Do they get to sleep? Get to spent time on the sofa with their spouse, kids/……I don’t think I could keep up with that, nor do I want to.                                                                                                                                                                                               
I have too many things I like to do during the day and when I am done for the day, I just have no energy left for writing. I also think my evening is time to spent with my husband, family and friends not with the online community. So my blog, even I sometime think I should share more, it still will always be secondary to the life I am living, because living and enjoying life is more important as this blog.

I will try to share with you, but I won't try that hard. I'll keep finding more things to keep busy with and things I want to learn, try, do.......the list is getting longer. I've been always a hands on person, creative, crafty and resourceful. Why buy something you can make yourself? I like to tinker and make things, I like to grow things, make my own food, cakes, jams, pickles.....I enjoy eating good food, and if I can make it much better.

So I just went on another journey.....the journey of cheese making. Last year I met this women outside of town, I call her "goat lady" who has goats, milking goats, cheese milk type of goats and she is getting me goat-milk. So I started making farm type fresh goat cheeses, chevre types or hand cheeses. Then I found a young farmer that sells Raw milk herd shares. So I signed up with him. And since 2 weeks ago there is only one kid left in the house, I have more milk, then we use for fresh I have been busy making cheese and learning about cheese making.......been hanging around the internet cheese sites all week.

These are the two cheeses I have made this week. The red one is a Spanish goat cheese called "Cabra al Vino" is soaked in red vine before aging. The other is a typical farmer cheese from Europe called "Tomme" and is very variable whatever mold, rind and taste you want to try....lot's of experiments possible. They are not done yet, just went into my cheese fridge cave for aging. Never made cheeses like that so it will be an adventure. Will I be able to keep the bad mold at bay and encourage the good growth.....we will see in 6-8
"Cabra al Vino"........that one could be a bit smoother on the outside. I trusted the instructions too much and so the curd got cut a bit late and was firmer then it should be. They didn't knit together as nicely. As long I can keep the bad mold invading the crevices and wander inside it should be fine. I'll keep you posted

"Tomme" ....this one so far just looks perfect. I learned on the cheese forum about the flocculation method, where you put a sterile, small container on top of the inoculated milk and give it a push from time to time and once the container won't move anymore on the milk, you then can calculate out how long it needs to set. I tried it and it worked like a charm. I decided to just wash it with a vine-salt water brine to develop a rind.
Tomorrow I'll make goat "Feta" I made a simple clabbered milk cheese, it's still draining. It will turn into a stinky German hand cheese when I am done with it. At least that's the plan. I still have more milk to excuse me, if you can.......I have more research to do

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Drip irriation in the vegetable garden

something I like to share with you all.........
I have been using drip irrigation for quite some years in my vegetable garden, and some years, when it was hot and dry for some time, I have had really bad results, growing from seed. It wasn't too big of a problem when I was there and able to hand water the seeded areas, but this year the results were terrible. See, I spent some time away from my garden visiting family in Germany and before I left I planted all my seeds, thinking they will be growing while I'm gone being on automated watering..........didn't work out! I came back and hardly anything had sprouted.

So I researched and this is what I figured out........
Drip irrigation, even it saves you a lot of water and it works great with transplanted vegetables, does not work well for growing from seed. It just doesn't keep the surface wet enough for seeds to sprout.
So after researching, I have come to the conclusion, you really need 2 different set-ups on separate timers for the vegetable garden.
One for seeds, with mini-sprayers you use when starting seeds.......and one for the established plants, with drip irrigation to save on water.
You need them separate, because I have put little sprayers into my drip line before but this uses too much water since both run at the same time and gets it too wet, so I turned most of these off.

So now I have ordered another timer and irrigation supplies and after the Oregon Country Fair, I will be tweaking my irrigation once more again.......seems like I spend a lot of time on this already this year;)

But I bet my seeds will be happier and sprouting.
And now I should be getting ready to go outside.......have more re-seeding to do two of reseeding;)