Garden Tools and instructions

Companion planting charts
So here are the companion planting charts I made. They are large and I had to break it into 2 files. If you click on the picture it should pop up into a larger file. I probably will keep adding more information to the charts as I learn more about companion plantings of some of the newer vegetables I am getting. I also added some basic fertilizing and bed preparation information but didn't add the herbs and perennial vegetables into the chart, because I have my herbs in a separate herb garden area close to the vegetable garden and the perennial vegetables aren't planted in the raised garden beds in my garden.

Chart number one from Arugula to Eggplant

Chart number two from Endive to Turnips


Growing seeds-Built a light stand

How to built a PVC Light table to grow your own seedlings


Home built seedling warming tray

a needed add-on to my light table, made with rope lights


Strawberry towers

Built your very own strawberry towers with wire fencing and coco-mats


Home-made Seedling potting mixes collection

mix your own Seedling potting mix

Composting with worms-building a worm bin

Built a worm composting bin 


Seed organizer and planner

Seed storage and planner all in one


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