Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Protecting our seed supply

One of my favorite online television series and blog, based in around Portland-Oregon is called Cooking up a Story which deals with the culture of food we are eating, the farming of our food, it's production and the politics and science which are surrounding our food nowadays. 
I love the eye opening stories they bring on their website about people involved with food, the food we eat and about living sustainable, showing us what is happening in the world of food, what is done to it and what we can do to save one of the most important assets we humans have.

One issue which is very important to me and probably should be important to anyone who likes to eat good, healthy, nourishing food is the problem with our seed supply dwindling more and more as there are less and less independent seed companies which don't belong or are connected to the large corporate companies like Monsanto. The majority of our seed supply is now in the hands of only 10 corporate seed companies and of those 44% are in the US. This is very concerning.
Cooking up a Story also is concerned about this issue and so I like to share a video from their
 website with Frank Morton, who is an organic seed breeder from Philomath in Oregon explaining the structure of the gloabal commercial seed industry we have today. It is part of an ongoing series called
'Seeds of Life'

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We all should be very concerned about the future of our Seed supply. Without seeds there will be no food and with our seed supply the corporations are calling the shots in what we get to eat and if we get to eat.
We all need to speak up and vote with our money. We all need to start buying open pollinated and heirloom seeds, seeds which are not connected to these companies and then save and protect our own seed supply.