Thursday, May 7, 2009

Seed tape review

I finally got the Seed Tape, where you can use your own seeds. It took a long time to arrive. Accordingly they got too many orders and ran out of it. Only they never mentioned that to me until I e mailed them asking what happened with my order.
I don't like it when they right away charge me and then don't send it out. Hey what is with that? I like my money do interest on my account, not yours!
I ordered March 20th and it arrived just last Friday, May 1st. I was not aware that they are producing it themselves, they don't say on their website. This was their excuse, they could not produce it fast enough because of the large amount of orders.
I thought it would be just like the fleece paper seed tape I am familiar with, where you sandwich the seeds between the seed tape and it is self stick.

Now I have it in front of me, I can see it is just thin, bleached, white paper, I don't even think it is made of recycled paper. It probably will disintegrate fine, but is it organic enough for me?
It certainly is not as I imagined it. You have to glue each seed on to the tape. I wonder if they will stick long enough to not fall off before you get them out in the garden. I certainly don't want to use toxic glue in my organic garden. Maybe I manage to sandwich the seed between to strips of paper. I was hoping for something quick and easy, this does not look quick. At least one can make seed tapes when it is raining outside, I guess that is a bit of a time saver.
Nevertheless, even I am a bit skeptical I will try them out. There will be an update.


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