Monday, November 9, 2009

Computer troubles and the season is ending

Unfortunately I got myself a bad virus on my computer which is right now at my son's 'computer clinic'. I am so fortunate that my boy knows how to fix computers. So I will be on a blogging hiatus until I have it running again.

It is getting colder here in Oregon and it is rainy, wet and cloudy outside. My Tomatoes are still producing, in the plastic shelter even I have to pick them and finish ripening them in the house. Something ate all the tops of my carrots, but I think they'll survive and I am still picking some greens, Kale, Arugula, Tatsoi, Mustard . My Lettuce and Endive are growing and my Brassicas are doing better since the aphids left them. So maybe I will harvest some stuff this winter after all. I harvested some of my Celery, which looked like it grew good for the first time, but I am not sure if I waited to long before harvesting it, it was pithy inside and tasted bad. But my Celeriac, which I let seed out last year is making some nice roots. It will be a welcome substitute for Celery.
I definitely think I need more nutrients in my garden. Some things had been growing really slow in my garden this year. Now I have chickens I hope their manure will be adding some needed fertilizer to my garden.
Luckily there is always a new season, a new gardening year. 
You always get to try again.


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