Monday, February 25, 2013

Anonymous spams

I keep getting anonymous spam messages camouflaged as comments, since all comments have be approved by me you would never see those. this started happening after I approved one anonymous comment that was complimenting one of my posts.
So just for the record, I will not anymore now, or in the future approve any anonymous comments, anything anonymous will be reported as spam. Go sell your tobacco products, genital warts remedies.... whatever.....somewhere else! you really think I would click on any of your links? Go Away
If you have to really say something relevant to a post, it shouldn't be a issue to show your identity....otherwise go leave your comments somewhere else!


Katangelkisses said...

Good for you!
I just found your blog, I was searching on companion planting in the PNW on Google. So here's a Hi and happy gardening and blogging.
new fan,

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