Monday, March 2, 2009

Tools for the seed collector

Are you collecting your own seeds? Where do you keep them? Do you keep them in little zip lock bags, like I do? Or in little containers?
I used to keep them in old Film containers, but unfortunately I don't have those around anymore since I went digital.
Do you label them with Permanent Markers, which end up not being really that permanent?
So now you are left with seeds in a bag and you can't remember which ones?
Has that happened to you?

Don't despair, I came across something really neat to solve our problem. How about printing your own seed packet?
You can find printable seed packets in different sizes at Homes and Garden Website plus canning labels, recipe cards and other neat printouts.
You can also use Photo shop to use your own picture, how neat is that?

As always, our fellow Gardeners are a great bunch of people, to share what they come up with.
Thank you! Fellow Gardener


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