Friday, March 20, 2009

Victory Garden at the White House

A Victory Garden is coming to the White House

White House guests will be munching on vegetables grown in the White House's own vegetable garden.

After the Grassroots campaign 'Replant a Victory Garden at the White House' signed so far by 100,00 people and the efforts of Roger Doiron's Eat the View campaign the White House made an announcement they will dig up a part of the South Lawn at the White House for a Vegetable Garden. Making this a great victory for the sustainable-food movement.
Michelle Obama and elementary Students will break ground in a Ceremony today on Friday, March 20, 2009 for the vegetable garden project.

My wishes for this project:
'Please Michelle and Obama, don't be to timid. Think big. You have so much space to grow lot's of food. Think about the food banks and people hungering in Washington, plant many rows for the poor.'
What better example could be there, the White House feeding the poor!


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