Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Blog vacation

I have had a hiatus from my blog for a while, because I had a hard time typing on my computer.
Some years ago I hurt my shoulder, when I was moving heavy book boxes after we moved to Oregon.  From time to time I hurt it again, especially if I do something I shouldn't do, like move heavy things which don't want to be moved or I should wait for my husband to move for me.
Like my little Fringe tree I was moving to the new garden area, which obviously resented getting moved after barely starting to grow and grabbed on to some old roots in the ground. Only after some good pulling all of a sudden the tree decided 'maybe it won't be so bad after all', let go of the roots it was holding on, giving me a big jolt back. My shoulder didn't like that, at all. Once it is inflamed  it makes it difficult to sit very long on the computer. Especially typing and using the mouse is really bad. So I had to take a rest from blogging.

By the way, the tree is very much fine, I think it likes it's new surrounding and settled right in, in its new home.

Now my shoulder is much better, even tough occasionally it flames up again forcing me to limit my computer use.
As soon my shoulder was getting a bit better, Christmas time came around the corner and with it my Christmas cookie extravaganza. Once this starts, there is hardly any time to spend time on my blog.
To tell the truth, it would be hard for me to tell you about gardening adventures, while my hands and head are covered in butter and flour, listening to Christmas music, mixing doughs, forming and decorating little sweet morsels.
                                        My Christmas baking kitchen set up

I admit, I am a Christmas cookie baking maniac. I do it only once a year, but then I go all out and bake for weeks, starting right after Thanksgiving. If I am lucky, I am done a few days before Christmas looking at my cookie tins filled with many varieties, each one different.

Rolling out cookie dough seems to also be one of the best physical therapies for my sore shoulder, so now my shoulder feels much better and I hope I will be able to keep sharing with you more frequently in this New Year.

Happy New Year to you all


meemsnyc said...

Sorry to hear about your shoulder pain. Hope you feel better soon. Wow, those cookies look so amazing.

DieGartenFrau said...

Thank you!
Baking all these cookies is my Christmas. It wouldn't be Christmas without them.
This is quite common in Germany that people bake that many cookies for Christmas.
We'll have Cookies with our Coffee for quite some time in the afternoon. lol

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