Thursday, January 27, 2011

USDA is fully deregulating Monsanto's GMO Alfalfa

There is no Democracy in USA!!!

BREAKING NEWS: USDA to Fully Deregulate Monsanto’s Genetically Engineer Alfalfa — Gene Contamination of Feed, Milk, Meat and Other Products to Follow… | Cornucopia Institute

This should never been approved and especially not deregulated with the environmental impact this will have and with this big of a majority of people opposing deregulation.

WTH! does anyone in the White House administration ever so just even slightly try to represent the People of this country?
It doesn't look like it.
It doesn't even matter anymore, who is in the White House, everyone who is calling the shots is in bed with the corporate lobby and big money business. Vilsack should never been appointed to this position. It's well known that he is on the side of Monsanto, we know exactly now who the USDA serves.
Profits in this country are going to be always over people because petitions and phonecalls/letters to politicians who value campaign dollars over consumer health and safety are useless. 
We "The People" have no voice in these matters anymore.

This is what we are up against

You might think, well I don't eat Alfalfa Sprouts, or I just stop eating the sprouts. But it will be not so easy to avoid GMO Alfalfa as you think.
It only will be a matter of time that the GMO Alfalfa will contaminate nearby organic crops, it will be in the feed for animals, even pastured, organic animals.
If your farmer feeds Alfalfa to his animals or lets them graze on alfalfa fields the milk you drink and beef you eat may be tainted with genetically modified, round resistant alfalfa. And it will contaminate you!

It also will probably destroy the honey bees which are so important for our food production.

This will be a difficult one to avoid, aside you stop eating meat and any dairy products. No more American made cheese, no more cream for cooking. Good bye French cream based sauces, Cheese sauce for your pasta. No more yogurt, butter. No more cappuccino with foamed milk.

Shame on you Obama! Shame on your Administration! Shame on you politicians who are supposed to represent the people.
You all have been selling us out.

If you want to tell Monsanto how you are feeling here is Monsanto's number: 314 694 1000
Call your President in the White House how disappointed you are,
call the USDA's Vilsack at 202-720-3631 or email him at and if you become a "fan" of USDA, you can go out to their Facebook fan page and tell them your piece of mind about approving and deregulating GMO Alfalfa.

I am getting so disgusted by the politics of this country that I really have to wonder what future this country holds for me. Do I really want the citizenship of a country that is that messed up? Do I want to grow old in a country that does not hear it's people?

Where any decision will be always about big business and money
and not about what makes this country, "The People" of this country,not big business, not the corporations and not the lobbyists waving their dollar signs!

I really, really am having big doubts!


meemsnyc said...

I just recently saw Food Inc and The Future of Food. Both movies highlight how Monsanto are literally destroying farms across the country with their lawsuits and scare tactics. You're right. It doesn't matter who is in the White House. It's really disheartening, I hope more people speak out against it.

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