Friday, July 15, 2011

Wasting food = wasting resorces!

Dive! The Film - Trailer

Every year in America 96 billion pounds of food is thrown away and wasted. 263 million pounds every day. This amounts to 11 million pounds of food every hour of the day. It is not just an American problem, half of all the food in the world is wasted. But like in many waste issues the US tops everyone.
That is insane, especially if you look at the plight of all the hungry men, women and children in this country and around the world. We could feed all the hungry in this world with the food we waste.
And frankly it is unsustainable because we are just not wasting food, we are wasting precious natural resources, poisoning our environment to grow this food we choose then to throw away.
This definitely is something we could change. We could change this in our lifetime.
We can get the word out that we don't agree with this waste, we can send a message to the grocery stores and tell them that we care about the environment, food waste, and hungry people--and they should too!

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